October 12th, 2008


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I got to see a few seconds of rough-cut movie footage tonight, and I was almost in tears... it looks like a real movie. It doesn't look like something we shot in some guy's basement. It doesn't look like something I have to preface with "well, we didn't have any money, so...". It doesn't look like something that needs a context, which is really, really big.

And yes, it is way too early to know what the finished product is going to be like-- we haven't even shot all the principal footage yet, and then there's a ton of postproduction work-- but damn, it is encouraging to see it look so good this early in the game.

It strikes me that I'll be doing the sound for this as well. I'm actually going to have to set up the studio again: there's a large chunk of this movie that's shot MOS (no sound), like everything so far, and probably half of what we have left. A lot of it is action footage too, so there's going to be a lot of Foley work. I may hit up some friends who want to have the experience of being a Foley artist when we get to that point; there won't be any money made, but there will be food and possibly booze involved as well as credit and a copy of the movie when it's done. And when it's done, I'm gonna see if Romeo will host it in HD on the web, either through his site or Vimeo or something similar. The idea of being able to produce a solid level of content and be able to distribute it on the web in HD (probably 720P24 Divx or Quicktime) is nigh-unto orgasmic for me.

Sorry if that's TMI. It's still a really, really cool thing.

We continue shooting next weekend. This week I have to prep two blood effects, make one prosthetic, finish the stunt knives, and make up a blood knife. Seems like a lot.

And curse you autodidactic and iamheavenrender for turning me on to blip.fm.