October 21st, 2008


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Spent part of the day cleaning Command Central. Part of the cleaning involved untangling the nest of mini-headphones from various manufacturers that I have. And since I still had the little sound system connected up to the computer and it has a headphone jack, I figured I'd plug in a set of headphones and see if that worked. And it did-- it would mean I'd have to wear headphones, but I could continue working.

Eventually I got to the point of disconnecting the sound system. I unplugged the headphones.

And there was sound. It started working again.

It cut out briefly a few times in the interim. I suspect that there's a relay on the mainboard that's either going bad or the driver for it is getting weak.

Still, for now it works and it's staying on through power cycles, so I'm just gonna leave it alone for now.

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And the job hunt starts in earnest today. I've spent the morning searching monster.com, sending out resumes, making phone calls.
Found one job listing that looks exciting, and a handful that are decent. Probably a fifth of the ones I found have been withdrawn or canceled. The exciting one wants five years of team lead/management experience, which I don't have, but I fill the rest of it in spades.


Times is tough

Figuring that until I'm employed again I'm going to need to open up my avenues of income.

So for those of you who have some extra disposable cash (yeah, how likely?) and are needing some of my talents for building stuff, fixing stuff, recording, massage, and the like, it's an excellent time for raining money upon my shoulders. I'm figuring that I'm probably gonna be out for a month or so-- purely a guess, but I seriously doubt that anybody's gonna be hiring before the election, and it's not unreasonable to expect some downtime.

It may be longer. I don't know.

I do have a recruiter interview tomorrow at 3:00.

Job hunting is soulcrushing

Okay, on a good note, I've had four phone calls today from recruiter/headhunter type folks; two of them found me from my newly posted resume, the other two were callbacks from bumps I sent.
I've also had a couple of e-mails, including one setup for an interview with a direct company that looks promising. I'm also getting repped into Boston Scientific tomorrow for a position that they have open.

The nice thing is that my experience is highly technical and has been flirting around the medical device industry for a while, so I'm in a good position to become a lamprey on well-funded medical device design companies. That's a decent position to be in during a recession, but it is not recession proof, as was learned by Medtronic around that July of 2000 timeframe.

Let's hope.

I just had to get away

I took Sadie for walkies this afternoon. We went down to the park and back; she wanted to go, and spending time with my pooch is a nice thing in my life.

While walking, I started thinking about my life, attitude about work, and all.

I don't do what I love. I like what I do, but it's not the same. And I haven't figured out completely what I love to do-- certainly filmmaking, but that's not complete.

I'd doubt that I'll get to the core of it before I get a job.