November 2nd, 2008


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Thanks to jmanna, she, babyjared, theophania_79 and I were able to make it to Trail of Terror tonight for the last possible hoo-rah of the year. It turned out to be yet another excellent night, with a lot of fun being had (as well as mini-donuts!). The staff at ToT was really good about helping us out with getting T in and around the places necessary-- we started off with the hayride-- and it was happy and fun.

I'm so very glad I was able to get in a little bit of hauntiness. I wanted to hit Fright Farm, but they closed up after last night.

And ToT was back into being good this year. After last year's dismal showing, it was good to feel it was back in the swing. Right now I have that exhausted-but-happy feeling, and I'm going to sleep well.

Feliz Dia de los Muertos, mi cucarachas!