November 22nd, 2008

elmo experiments

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The wheelchair ramp is complete, though it needs some fine tuning at the joints. I thing I might put some small side guards in. It's not ADA compliant: it's a bit steeper than recommended and there are no railings, but I just didn't have the room to put in a longer ramp without a lot more work and spending a bunch more money. At this point it's removable so I can re-do it later and still keep the work I've done, and it's light enough that I can move it around by myself.

I had to move the steps over, which confused the dog a bit, and for a short time I had them pulled out completely. This caused no end of consternation until she remembered how to use the ramp instead of stairs, and was a happy dog. I re-mounted the stairs more solidly and put some blocking in to level them with the top of the deck so they're better than they've ever been now.

The workbenches are another story. I started cutting the lumber for them, only to discover that what I though were 8-foot 2x4s are actually stud length, which is 3 inches shorter. This caused me to have to change the design, so the past couple of hours I've been fiddling with TurboCAD trying to make the most efficient use of the lumber I have. I'm pretty sure I can pull it off without having to buy any new lumber, but I'm gonna have more waste wood than I originally planned.

I also mounted the vise to the shop workbench with some 1/2" lag screws. I got to drive them in with the uberdrill, which was kinda fun.

Last night's sleep was about two and a half hours. You can really miss a lot of sleep on meth.