November 25th, 2008


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Your rainbow is shaded black.

What is says about you: You are depressed and emo. You feel a strong draw to darkness and your mood changes from bad to seriously fucked. Those around you tend to find reasons to leave whenever you show up.

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Had a very good recruiter interview today. This guy really did his homework and gave me some tips on interviewing, specific questions to consider, a different approach to writing a resume, and a lot more advice. I don't think I've ever taken away so much good information from a recruiter before, and I will highly recommend him for that. He is an engineering specialist in the higher end, so for those of you who may be interested, let me know and I will pass along his contact info.

Me also went grocery shopping yesterday in preparation for Thanksgiving. I didn't realize that Cub now carries monkey brains in the deli. It's a bit expensive, but good monkey brains are hard to find.

Still way too much work to do on the house to prep for the day of the turkey. I have to remove the door sill from the back, which involves cutting through brick, or more precisely, the mortar between the bricks. As it happens, the previous owner (or one of the previous owners) installed a door and decided that rather than doing a proper sill, he'd just build it up high enough to clear the brick facing-- about 4 inches. Perfect tripping level. Then I need to close the gap between the deck and the floor, as well as closing the gap between the top of the ramp and the deck.

And I still have the workbenches to finish.

To remain on schedule, I have to finish all this tonight.

It's gonna be busy.

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It took a bit, but I bashed out the brick that was in the door sill, and discovered that the previous idiot owner had simply nailed raw 2x4s to the concrete underneath. Untreated wood in proximity to concrete rots. The sill pretty much just crumbled to dust, and had let enough moisture in that the brickwork was pretty much destroyed anyway.

Unfortunately, it's been that way for a while, and that means there is more damage underneath. I partially exposed the floor joists in the breezeway, and the ends of those are rotted too, though not to the degree of the (former) sill.

For now, the whole thing is just going to be covered up. It's not going to collapse over the winter. It does answer the question of how I can access the underside of the floor, since I'm going to have to do it anyway.