November 26th, 2008


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Wow, I am stiff this morning. Seems like maybe I was working on something last night.

Trash guys took almost everything. The only exceptions are the old monitor and TV (the scrap metal fairies busted them open and yanked out the copper leaving a bunch of pieces strewn about), but the rest is gone baby, gone.

Gonna hop in the shower and warm up then get my ass back to the grind.

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A while back, I had won a lowball bid on a parts-only 35mm camera body with the plan of eventually making a 35mm DOF adapter for Darthcam. Then the whole layoff came, and I pretty much forgot about it.

As it turns out, the post office tried to deliver it to the wrong address (even though the correct address was on the package). All that got straigthened out today, and I have the package.

Nice little surprise there.

It's yet another project to take on, and not one that needs to be rush-rush. There's a lot of experimentation that needs to happen. But hey, it's a start.

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SO far, today has just been thanksgiving prep. Baking potatoes in the oven for later mashing, and a layered chibaken concoction that will go in after the potatoes come out. Turkey be thawing, pies be had, and champagne is in the cooling box.

I'm thinking that there will be a nap. I still have a lot to do but I can barely keep my i's open.

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Taking a moment of solitude. Decided against the nap as I still have a lot to do and I'd rather not still be working at 5 in the morning again, though it would be a good time to start the turkey cooking.

The house will be in less than stellar condition (sorry theophania_79), but it will be at least semi-presentable and navigable. And considering the state in which it has been for so long, it's nigh unto miraculous. I suppose I could send in my application for sainthood, but I doubt that the CC accepts beatification of lapsed pagans-- I do kind of like the ring of Saint Marmot though.


More work to go.

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Workbenches are done, or at least as done as they're going to be for a while: the next step for them is an upper shelf, though I have a funky corner space that I really want to use, and that may entail cutting the existing benches where they almost-but-not-quite meet to provide some access room.

Moving stuff down from the living room now. mamajenzie, your server is going into the basement for a while.

Dog, I'm tired. The past few days have been rather intense with working on the house. I'm not gonna make it all tonight, so I'm gonna wrap it at midnight and do what I can in the morning. The good news is that it's basically moving boxes and cleaning left.