December 19th, 2008


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Okay, a bit off the beaten path...

If you have old dead hard drives laying around that you want to get rid of, I can use them for parts for some of my nifty experiments.

Ditto with old printers & fax machines.
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Ganked from themadblonde

Campbell's bought two two-page advertisements in the December and January issues of >The Advocate, which features a lesbian couple and their son, and apparently the Catholic Church thinks this is going to destroy the fabric of civilization and the folks at are apparently asking folks to call Campbell's to protest their "supporting the homosexual agenda".

To be fair, I searched and couldn't find mention of such a boycott. The ads are online here (as a PDF). The actual boycott is being called for by the American Family Association, which is not representative of the Catholic Church at large, but a small fundamentalist organization that's about as wacko as Bigfoot Hamster Theory.

Nonetheless, I figure that I'll buy some extra cans of Campbell's next time I go shopping. I for one actually support the "Homosexual Agenda".