January 5th, 2009


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This is supposed to be a trailer for a zombie movie with strippers.

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I'm oddly enchanted and repelled at the same time. This movie ain't no Zombie Strippers-- it makes ZS look like an Oscar contender-- but the tune is catchily misogynistic, and the over-the-top campiness is almost redemptive of the knuckle-dragging Coors-swilling backwoods redneck attempts at humor.

(Actually, I seriously doubt that there is an actual movie-- I think it's just a music video put together as a "trailer".)

And since we're on the subject, I've noticed that a whole lot of the YouTube Zombie short films are done by high-school age folks. Some of them are pretty good in that six-dollars-and-a-pizza kind of way. Most of them are... well, most of them are watchable anyway. But I'm intrigued at the age bracketing, and whether that's primarily a YouTube phenomenon or whether it's that the zombie genre is more approachable to teenage angst.

Or whether zombie films are considered juvenile.

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I just woke up from an amazing dream-- one of those that I remember completely, that told a story like a good movie, with a beginning, middle, and end.

Writing it down so I don't forget.

It can't be a movie as dreamt: it was entirely first-person, and a few things went unexplained that would frustrate an audience.