February 26th, 2009


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Takin' some downtime tonight, I think. Tomorrow is a snow day, and there will likely be plowing and shoveling and the like.

(no subject)

Yep, there's snow. Still coming down, and likely will be into the night. I can break out the snowblower tomorrow and make it go away.

No bike tonight. The last three nights have left my legs feeling a little rubbery, and I can tell that I need a night of leg recovery. I could probably do some upper body work, but I have other things that I should probably be doing. Cleaning out the living room is right up there, so I'll probably do that for a while-- though really, walking isn't high on the menu tonight.

This may end up being a movie night. I haven't had one of those in a long while.

Though as Crazy Uncle Enrnesto would say: "It's better to be pooped out than pooped in".