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I've been kinda busy hiding the last couple of days. Made it out to see My Bllody Valentine 3D with romeoa last night; it was a fun romp that would probably squick out the squeamish but had me laughing at the obvious joy that the special effects crew was having. Seriously, a decapitation that spurts a fountain of blood several feet in the air directly into the 3D camera lens is something that I am quite fond of, and I can just feel the leap of joy that comes with it.

I am quite possibly jaded.

Not much happening that hasn't been hashed and re-hashed here already. Still not king. Still no job. Still not sleeping well.

Going this afternoon to look at a nifty digital cinema camera, and probably salivate like a Pavlovian Pooch.

Been doing a lot of thinking. Not a lot of doing. Hibernatrix.

Carry on.
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