Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Up and down all day today. Ran a bunch of errands, had a couple of work-ish related phone calls, Fell asleep in the afternoon in lieu of riding the bike, so after the nap I ended up watching Dexter on DVD; did 560/60 on the bike, then spent the next couple of hours making... well, things. Things that go in specimen jars.

There's something kind of satisfying about making creepy unidentifiable organic things while watching a well-made show about a serial killer.

They're not finished: this is just the first step, making the basic shapes. And these will end up in relatively small jars in the background; I need to do more work for the gallon-sized ones, because they'll be more prevalent and in focus.

The pictures don't do these justice; it's my crappy cell phone camera and crap lighting. I'll get more pictures when they're actually in jars.

I have weird hobbies.

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