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Your result for which god of chaos do you serve?...

champion of tzeentch


You scored 21% tzeentch.

tzeentch is the changer of ways, the weaver of fates, tzeentch is the puppet master.

the followers of tzeentch are master wizrds as well a skilled warriors, tzeentch does ot respect martial skill alone, to impress him you must be both a skilled warrior and a thinker.

the followers of tzeentch are manipulative, intelligent, and impossible to predict. tzeetch is the god of change, meaning that his followers endlessly change, both physically and mentally.

to follow tzeentch is to give up everything you are accustomed to, to change every aspect of yourself. you will mutate, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse.

everything is part of tzeentches grand scheme

none can stand against the changer of ways

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Your result for The Should You Delete Your OkCupid Profile Test...

Don't go!

You did pretty well!

You scored 93% Honesty, 86% Classiness and 16% Douchebaggery!

You're respectful and have good intentions; in fact, you may be too good for online dating websites. Don't delete your profile, we need more people like you!

You win! Enjoy your prize: virtual awkwardness and rejection! Just kidding. No I'm not.

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Your result for Fire, Ice, Stone, or Wind Quiz...

You are a Wind!

20% Fire, 25% Ice, 25% Stone and 30% Wind!

You scored primarily as a Wind. Most of your answers were that of a Wind. You are Spontaneous, Adventurous, and often unpredictable. You are constantly shifting direction, trying new things and ideas. This is good because you are open and not stuck on one track. However, you may find that you abandon one idea or person in the interest of another. You are imaginative and often can be exciting. Your unpredictability keeps people in suspense but can often be a sign of unreliability. While you are thought of us fun, your indecision can leave others hanging. You are one to defy the limits, not wanting to think in a vacuum in the least. If one thing doesn't work, you'll avoid it by trying another. You may be one to flee the scene if a conflict stirs up around you. For the most part, you are liked because you can bring a new idea to the table more often than not.

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Your result for The Great Minds Advice Test...

Do Something Worth Doing

33% Franklin, 0% Freud, 25% Teresa, 8% Wilde and 33% Leonardo!

"If you would not be forgotten, as soon as you are dead and rotten, either write things worth reading, or do things worth the writing." ~ B. Franklin

Your life advisor is Benjamin Franklin.

Franklin was definitely a doer. He believed that life should be lived to the fullest and that a person should never stop striving to learn. Once you have learned everything your life was over.

So, you should move. Get up and do something. Discover something new. Let your mind work to it's fullest and experience life.

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Your result for The Tits OR Ass Test...

75% Ass!

Well, I was going to give everyone their own little categories full of ridicule or laudation, as appropriate, but the score function seems to be well and truly borked. That, or I can't be bothered to figure it out. Don't you judge me!

Anyway, you can see your score up there, and will be able to discern for yourself whether you're the type who will goose any two fleshy bits that happen to be in close proximity to one another, or possess the proud ability to tell an ass from a variety of non-ass objects.

In either case, if you want to brush up on your skills, I recommend pornography, and lots of it.

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