Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

-Available: In many senses, yes. I don't do weddings though.
-Age: 40-something.
-Annoyance: Currently the muscle in my shoulder that is pinching a nerve causing numbness in part of my left hand.
-Animal: Doggy.

-Beer: Hacker-Pschorr Weissbier.
-Birthday: April 28th.
-Body part on opposite sex: Oooh, I can think of several.
-Best feeling in the world: I'll have to get back to you on this one.
-Blind or deaf: Neither, currently.
-Best weather: Sunny and mild. Hot enough for short skirts.
-Been in love: A few times, I think.
-Been on stage: Oh hell yes.
-Believe in Santa: In a twisted kind of way...

-Candy: Chocolate is good.
-Color: Black, moss green, deep indigo blue
-Chocolate/Vanilla: Sure.
-Chinese/Mexican food: Sure. Probably Chinese over mex most of the time.
-Cake or pie: Mmmm, pie.
-Continent to visit: All of them. Oz and Europe are higher on the list, I think.
-Cheese: I believe in cheese, yes. Jarlsberg has become my friend lately.

-Day or night: I do my best work at night.
-Dancing in the rain: No, singing in the rain.

-Eyes: Yes. A few jars.
-Everyone's got: a bosom for a pillow? Assholes? Opinions?
-Ever failed a class: Probably.

-First thought when waking up: Where am I, and why is this panda licking my thigh?
-Food: Panda steak.

-Greatest fear: The homosexual agenda. No, wait, the opposite of that.
-Goals: Financial security is a good one. Getting a job that pays well and that I like.
-Gum: When you lose your teeth.
-Get along with parents: From a distance, yes.

-Hair color: Currently, mostly gray.
-Height: 6 feet. Tall.
-Holiday: Halloween is a fave.
-How do you want to die: What, I get a choice? In my sleep, like my grandfather. Not kicking and screaming like the children he had in that pit in his basement.

-Ice cream: Yes, but not often. It's best as a special treat.
-Instrument: Lights.

-Jewelry: Pretty much nothing.
-Job: Pretty much nothing.

-Kids: Baby goats.
-Kickboxing or karate: Well, I took karate, but never took kickboxing.
-Keep a journal: Uh... no. Why do you ask?

-Love: is a four-letter word.
-Letter: Four.
-Laughed so hard you cried: Funny enough, at a high school one-act festival.

-Milk flavor: Milk comes in flavors? Like Cow? Breast? Bungee?
-Movies: Indie horror. You should see my DVD collection.
-Motion sickness: Requires motion.
-McD's or BK: Uh... well, between the two... neither anymore. I think BK has better burgers, and McD's has better chicken nodes (or at least better sauce-- the Hot Mustard was a fave), but crumpets in a crock pot, their food just isn't as appealing as it once was.

-Number: The square root of 2 is useful.
-Negative or positive: Depends on the ionic potential.
-New age or old fashion: Context is everything.
-New Year's Resolution: I don't do resolutions.
-Night club or pub: Pub do for do.
-North or South: What the hell does it say about me that all I can think of is magnetic poles right now?

-One wish: Selfishly, for financial independence.
-Ocean or desert: Dessert. By the ocean. Served by a hot island babe.
-Outside or in: Depends on the weather.
-Once I...: had a girl. Or, should I say, she once had me.

-Pepsi/Coke: Used to drink diet coke. A lot.
-Perfect Pizza: Asian chicken, spicy, with peanut sauce.
-Piercings: None intentional.

-Quiet: Shush. On the set.
-Qualities: Sense of humor, intelligence, bilateral symmetry.
-Quilt or comforter: Comforter right now. Don't own a quilt.

-Reason to cry: Onions? Dropped anvil on foot? Broken heart? Bent spleen?
-Reality TV: sucks syphillitic yak balls.
-Radio station: The Current in the car, 93X in the basement.
-Roll your tongue in a circle: Okay. There. Now what?
-Ring size: 12/13
-Rollerskate/Rollerblade: I used to rollerskate a lot. Haven't tried rollerblading yet.

-Shoe size: Same as ring size.
-Salad dressing: Ranch as a standby. Italian. And lately, asian sesame.
-Sushi: Yes please.
-Skinny dipped: Not in a while.
-In the shower: Yes, I've skinny dipped in the shower.
-Strawberries/Blueberries: Yes. Raspberries and blackberries, too. I keep some in the freezer.

-Travel: Not as much as I'd like.
-Treasures: Yarr, Matey! There be booty!
-Tattoos: None intentional.

-up the coast or down the river: From here, down the river is easier.
-unusual: Probably.

-vehicle: Nookie, AKA 2006 Escape Hybrid.

-Walk or jog: Walk. Jog not good for knees.
-What's your favorite childhood memory: I don't remember.

-Xtra...: Read all about it? Sugar free gum?
-Xtreme: sports? Hot tubbing?

-Yesterday I...,Today I am..., Tomorrow I will be...: Looked for a job, looked for a job, looking for a job.

-Zoo or fair: Depends on what kind of animals I want to see.
-Zig or Zag: Launch every zig!
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