Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

A day in the life

So with my earlier post about wanting to have some more content, I've decided to be a little more introspective today.

A couple of days ago, Barb's car wouldn't start so she had been using the Explorer. Yesterday morning she had a work emergency so she had to go in in the morning, but came back in the afternoon so I could go over to my frien'd place. With a couple of hours in between, I decided to see if we could jump start her car. No-go, turns out the battery was smackdown dead.
Luckily there is a NAPA a few doors down, so a new battery was had.
This morning, I woke up early. Five hours of sleep. Figured I'd go put her battery in, and it went amazingly smoothly. And the new battery works like a champ. Back inside in time for some early snuggling and pet-attention time and happiness that her car was done.
So really, one good accomplishment done today.

I've been trying to achieve smaller daily goals. I have a lot of projects happening-- some of which are secret-- and I've been doing the squirrel dance between projects. Here's an example:

  • Feature film preproduction

  • Camera tests for effects shots

  • Finding a job

  • Finishing up the last job

  • Planning shooting of new commercials

  • Installing a dishwasher

  • Cleaning the studio

  • Headshots

  • Learning a bunch of new software

  • Designing a camera dolly and crane

  • Learning to weld

  • Reroofing the porch

  • Finishing the rear deck

  • Building a new deck

  • Installing a new boiler

  • Repairing both vehicles

Combine that with a really messed up sleeping schedule, and it gets a little stressful. Thing is, most of these things don't have deadlines. I'm just stressing over the sheer magnitude. The smaller daily goals make it seem more manageable.

I really need to get more exercize. I need to take the dog for walks more often and get my back back into shape. Right now it hurts a whopping lot to walk more than half a block, so I end up taking a buttload of ibuprofen to pretty much make it through the day (and no jokes about ibuprofen suppositories). I know that walking helps, but the winter and the pain combine to deter.

Emotional health-- I think I'm deliberately keeping busy in order to avoid thinking about how I feel. I've been on some sort of emo roller coaster over the holiday season. Right now I'm on an up swing, but that could change in a minute.

Film geek note: check these out.

They are designed to fit on a camera dolly to make it run on standard dolly track. You need four of them for a dolly, so that's about $3200. I can make them for about 50 bucks a set.

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