Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

The fuzzy alarm clock woke me up this morning needing to go outside. This is notable because it meant I was actually sleeping, which is a rather refreshing change.

There was a dream going on at some point as well: I was making a movie somewhere with Crist. I think he was directing, and my role wasn't clearly defined: it seemed like I had come on to loan them some lights and sort of hung around to help because the DP was either flaky or absent, and they were trying to shoot something that required a bit of finesse... I seem to remember one bit being a greenscreen of The Hulk (which is a very WTF moment in reality: you don't shoot a green creature against a green background) and another requiring me to "puppet" some bizarrely flexible human dolls while keeping them in the key light.

Somehow I ended up naked and having to run back to my vehicle to pick up some kinos (fluorescent film lights), and I had to try to find some costume pants that fit so I wasn't running through the art department all nekkid; the only ones I found looked like they were covered in cobwebs, and it turns out that the whole location was a sort of haunted Applebee's/Burger King. I had to walk carefully so as not to break through the rotten floorboards.

I blame the melatonin.
Tags: dream

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