Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Your result for The Drama Royalty Test...

The Drama Critic

Hey! You scored way low on RoyalDramatics! Drama itself makes you irrate, and you generally avoid any dramatic displays of your own. You find the dramatic ones to be behaving stupidly - way below the level of behavior that is called for. Don't let them get away with it for long! If they are embarrassing you in public with their petulant displays, leave. You may want to consider leaving permanently!

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Your result for Who do you think you are ?...

45% Individuality!

You scored between 5-11 on the 45% Individuality. based on your score you have a pretty good ideal of who you are and should stay on the right path to finding out more about you! For you are very intelligent and should not be afraid to be yourself. however, if you scored less then 5 you should not focus so much on others it takes away from you seeing yourself and all that you really are made of and can be so pay attention to you today and watch what you see!

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Your result for How much of a drama queen are you? Test...

Drama Free!

If you got 10 or above, you are at least a partial drama queen. If you got higher than 25, you are a drama queen personified. Negative or zero scores are sensible people, but I don't think anyone got that. If you did, my props to you for being drama free!

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Your result for How Dramatic are You Test...

You're Shakespeare's Idol!!!

Even Shakespearee is jealous of you!!!!!

You are a:

  • great writer!

  • actor!

  • producer!

I reccomend you act and write your movie. Just an idea.....

Thanks for taking the test, don't forget to rate!

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Your result for The Are You A Pain in the Ass Test...

Ass Pain Free!

Congratulations! You are a normal person! Your friends and partners love you for your laid back, easygoing, reasonable attitude! You don't set expectations for the people in your life, you don't play mind games, and when they spend time with you, their asses are pain free and blissful, like they squatted down in a big ol' bowl of warm chowder! Keep being yourself and you'll do well, grasshopper.

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