Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

I had designed a model plane out of styrofoam, it seemed to be a design for someone. He came to look at the work-in-progress, but decided to actually fly it before it was ready, and though it actually flew, there was no control.
As we watched it fly around in the sky, suddenly it started to get dark, like an eclipse appearing. It turns out it wasn't an eclipse, but a UFO-stle ship that turned out to be a high-tech transport that was for a special invite-only role-playing game, and since the client was being apologetic for losing the work I had done, he invited me along.
We ended up at this house out in the boonies; it was a lot like a big old farmhouse with a bunch of rooms and workspaces, completely off-grid. What was happening turned out to be a kind of chaotic LARP, and since I was the new guy, there was a lot of mistrust. I didn't help things because I got very dehydrated, and was so groggy and clumsy that I came across as being really drunk. I tried to apologize, but they pretty much shunned me.

I was awakened from this weird space by a phone call, and I didn't wake up completely, so I was kind of half-in this mental space for quite a while. Still kind of there, really... half-in and half-out of the dream world.
Tags: dreams

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