Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Healthcare is not a right, it's a privilege

Snarfed from azul_ros.

Healthcare is not a right. Neither is food, clothing, or shelter. None of those things are entitlements; none of those things are guaranteed by either the constitution or bill of rights.

But saying that it's a right for some and a privilege for others is a shining example of political foot-in-mouth disease.

The argument that half of the people who have health insurance available choose not to purchase it because it's more convenient for them is disingenuous: the people who refuse to purchase health insurance do it because it's unrealistically expensive and they can't afford it. If I had heath insurance available that was the same kind of coverage that I had while I was working at something like $25 a month, I'd be on that like white on rice. But the COBRA payment that I would have had to make to continue my health insurance was $450 a month, and that is quite simply unaffordable for me right now. It means that I had to change my medications to more affordable generics, and I can't do my regular scheduled checkups or lab work.

My car insurance is required if I want to continue driving. My house payment is required if I want to keep the house; likewise with the car payment. I make sure that my pets are fed. Everything else is something I can hold off. It may not be comfortable or fun, but it's necessary.

I realize that I am at risk for a catastrophic medical issue. I would rather not be. But to say that I am making a choice because of convenience pisses me off. It's NOT convenient.
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