Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Rules: Copy to your own note, erase my answers, enter yours, and tag 10 people. You know who you are - we recognize our own. Also, feel free to add your own "geek things I've done" to the list.

( ) You spent a day watching all of the Lord of the Rings/Star Wars/Star Trek movies.
( ) You spent next two days after watching commentary, outtakes, and behind the scenes footage.
(x) And you bought the soundtrack.
(x) You went to a midnight release of a movie.
( ) You camped in front of the theater for more than 12 hours to get tickets.
( ) Camping did not prevent you from being in costume.
( ) You can have an entire conversation with friends consisting of quotes from your favorite movies.
(x) You own at least three game systems.
( ) You have lost weight because you forgot to eat while trying to reach the next level in your game.
(x) You own more than four game controllers (of any kind).
( ) You have existed on 3 hours of sleep per night so that your "Sims" get 8 hours and are refreshed for work.
(x) You upgraded your computer because you wanted to buy a new video game/expansion pack.
( ) You have dressed as your game avatar, or as a npc in that game.
( ) You achieved level 60 on World of Warcraft.
(x) You have played "Dungeons and Dragons" or any other RPG.
(x) You know what "RPG" stands for.
( ) You dressed as your RPG character would dress.
(x) You own dice with more than six sides.
( ) You have been accused of having a "gamer" Scent.
( ) You can identify a Black Lotus.
( ) You can identify a Charizard.
( ) You have bought any of the "Harry Potter" books after standing in line until midnight.
( ) You waited to get your "Harry Potter" book in costume, quoting favorite lines.
(x) You have attended any function with "con" in the name.
( ) You stood in line at said "con" for more than 4 hours to have an item signed.
( ) You spent more than $50 on a costume to wear to "con" because you wanted it to be authentic.
( ) You own more than 50 comics.
( ) You collect your comics in longboxes.
( ) You know what a "longbox" is.
( ) You've met and had your comics signed by the creator(s).
( ) You know how many "Robins" there are.
( ) You know that the portrayal of Rogue in the movie "X-Men" is completely wrong.
(x) You have chatted online more than in person.
( ) You chatted online enough to learn the time zones.
(x) Think that when the Mythbusters say "Don't try this at home," they really don't mean YOU.
(x) Have participated in a movie/tv marathon that involved a drinking game.
( ) Can sing along with the Buffy Musical Episode.
(x) You know Seth Green from more than just the "Austin Powers" movies.
( ) You can name all 8 Kevin Smith-directed movies without referring to IMdb.
( ) You have participated in a "Clerks"-esque discussion about Star Wars (or any other movie).
( ) You have participated in a Kirk vs Picard discussion.
(x) You have participated in a Star Wars vs Star Trek discussion.
( ) You have ever corrected anyone who called you a Trekkie.(No, I'm a TrekkER.)
( ) You have worn a Star Fleet Uniform.
( ) You own a Star Fleet Uniform.
( ) You think "Twilight" is lame because everyone knows that vampires burst into flame in the sunlight.
( ) You have written fanfic.
( ) You have watched Bizzare Foods and thought "I'd try that."
( ) You can pinpoint the moment at which "Lost" jumped the shark.
( ) You think the jokes in "Big Bang Theory" are funny because the science concepts are really common knowledge.
(x) You don't find Sheldon from "Big Bang Theory" to be all that eccentric.
( ) You have plans every Wednesday after work/school.
(x) You know who Stan Lee is.
(x) You know who Jack Kirby is.
( ) You know who Geoff Johns is.
(x) You own 4 different electronic devices that keep you in touch with 7 people.
(x) You have built a website.
(x) You have started a blog.
(x) You maintained a blog for over a year.
( ) You have a Twitter account.
( ) You have over 500 followers on Twitter.
( ) You purchased a smartphone just so you could check Twitter on the road.
( ) You forget your family members' birthdays because they aren't your friends on Facebook.
( ) You have given virtual gifts on Facebook.
( ) You have Superpoked your boss on Facebook.
( ) You have gotten a date through Facebook (and we're not talking dinner and moview with your buddies).
( ) You have broken up with someone/been broken up with through Facebook
(x) You participated in more than three social networks.
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