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I've been up since 8:00 or so Monday morning. Since then, I've managed to drink a gallon and a half of lemonade, a half gallon of tea, and about a quart of water. I am well-hydrated at this point.

I am on the last clip to correct, then I burn the files to DVD-Rs, hop in Nookie and drive up to Maple Grove to deliver them, barring winter storm. I think I'll take a shower before then... I'm a tad bit gamey.

Then I think I may just sleep. Not really sure yet either, I'm not sleepy. That half-gallon of tea may have something to do with that. There's another half-gallon in the freezer cooling off so I can have it on the road.

Managed to watch Quarantine during the downtime overnight. I'm really impressed with the movie, though it's considerably from a filmmaking perspective. It's a remake of a Spanish-language (I think) film called [REC] which I have yet to see, and was made by the same guys that did the Poughkeepsie Tapes, which I have also not seen.

I'm babbling now. Off to burn DVDs.
Tags: filmmaking, hydration

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