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I just watched the Daily Show episode from last night, streamed on their website. There's been a few days of buzz happening about the "war" between Jim Cramer and Jon Stewart (not quite correct, but close enough), and it comes to a head on this episode.

Link to the Daily Show episode with Jim Cramer

(If the link doesn't work, head to and pick it up from there.)

Okay, a little background: I used to listen to Jim Cramer's radio show. The guy knows his stuff, and if you're a card-carrying member of the "investment elite", he's a good source of information. And by "investment elite", I'm talking about the number of people who have investments in either direct stocks, or 401k's, or retirement accounts, or what have you that simply wanted to get more money... and I was in that club. Clueless, but I liked the return-on-investment thing on my 401k, and I really liked the bonus checks I got.

But in this episode, I saw a different side of Jon Stewart than the normal comedian-doing-news thing: sharp, insightful, not being funny but making a point directly, sincerely, and solidly. It was like watching a home run being hit in perfect crystal-clear slow motion, a thing of sheer beauty.

Will it make an actual difference? Probably not; it's way too late for that. But it has a hell of a lot more impact than anything I do, and I am gratified in seeing the brilliance in action.
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