Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Taking a break.

Mucho thanks to sageincave, who stopped by for several hours to help out with the disencrapification of the old studio. It's several hours away from being done yet, but the help was much appreciated.

Overnight tonight is hauling out stuff and moving the "good" stuff to the basement, tossing out the obvious crap. I haven't even made it to the studio equipment yet, and before I do that I need to make a place for it in the Room Where No One Walks. I also need to make room for the futon and frame.

The next several hours is going to be full of moving stuff, then tomorrow (or later today-- Thursday), I have to get back into the wall, fix the leak in the chimney, then seal the wall back up and make it cat-proof. I expect that somewhere in there, the ninja ducks will come visiting again, and I'll be using power tools.

There will also need to be some core cleaning, pulling up the old carpet (easy-- it's not attached to anything) and linoleum underfloor, going over the floor and walls with a shop vac... stuff like that.

I could REALLY use some help tomorrow. This is the big push to get stuff done. The heavy hauling is done.

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    Edit: Cool! My eyes follow you around the room!

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