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Still in the old studio. Worked my way through almost all of the closet now, and I'm running out of room in the basement. I do have a considerable ebay/craigslist pile to get rid of, and the trash pile is becoming... large-ish. I'll have to get pictures at some point; it's kind of unreal, especially considering that there's already been two trash pick-ups.

I'm really squirrelly now. I have a lot of caffeine burbling through my system, and I'm trying to maintain a fair nutrition balance so I'm not completely frying my system.

Didn't do the bike at all. I was feeling kind of guilty about that until I realized the amount of stair climbing I've been doing has pretty much given me a Buns of Steel workout (and there's more to go). And really, the amount of bike riding I've been doing really helps with the stairs. My knees are complaining a bit, but between ibuprofen and naproxen, I'm doing pretty well.

Dug out my little mini MP3 player, so I've been pretty much plugged in since 11 or so last night. Pretty good mix of energetic tuneage, which helps. Unfortunately, the battery is nearly flat, so I've got to give it a bit of recharge before I get back on the pumpkin and toodle.

Next week I'll very likely be putting some stuff up for sale, after I get a chance to breathe and organize stuff a bit more. Books will be high on the list: I have a whole lot of paperbacks-- mostly sci-fi-- that will be going away, and I'd like to pare down the bulk a bit before I try Uncle Hugo's.

I also have some old vinyl (LPs, in case you aren't all hip to the lingo) that can go away as well. Not sure where to sell LPs anymore, any clues?

Okay, back to the grind.
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