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Done- de done-done. At least for the night.

The old studio is no longer a studio, it's now a studio apartment of sorts. The walls are fixed, though not painted yet. It is ready to be lived in. It's not perfect, but it's quite workable.

I seem to remember sleeping sometime. I think I napped a couple of hours sometime Friday; I've pretty much lost track.

If I'm still awake in a bit, I'll get some pictures. It's doubtful.

The purging must continue, but the immediacy is turned down a notch. Jen is moving in tomorrow starting around noon; I may be awake for at least a part of it.

Going to bed now, to dream of soft lovely maidens gently caressing my skin with their loving tentacles.

And oh yeah-- I can't walk now. I can work up a good hobble if I try. That falling down the stairs thing caught up with me.
Tags: Big Broken Box™, cleaning

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