Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

I was sleeping when Tony called this morning wondering if I wanted to do lunch. Apparently his company is having an unscheduled "all-hands" meeting this afternoon, and Tony is expecting layoffs.
I met him up at the Perkins on Lexington and 694. We talked about movies and careers, and spent some time chatting with Margaret the waitress who is a dance major with a fantastic body and a frustration that she doesn't get a chance to perform. And I'm making a movie that needs dancers. And oh, yeah, she's single.
Lunch was nice. We flirted with the waitresses until Tony had to leave for his meeting, and I departed to the API Electronics Store in Golden Valley to pick up some much-needed cables for the studio, and to browse. I also decided to return a copy of TurboTax to Circuit City over in Plymouth. I had purchased the wrong version back in January, and in theory because it was unopened and still had the seals on it, it should have been just fine.
It took three guys to finally agree that the box had not in fact been opened, and they would actually do a refund. And I decided to wander by the HDTV displays and look at what's available. Gotta say that there are some cool-ass HD sets out there, and the pictures are phenominal, but I can't justify $7000.00 for a TV.
On a whim, I was looking for CAD software.
If you're looking for software, don't go to Circuit City. They have nothing except some games and Turbo Tax.
Of course they do have DVDs. Some at really decent prices. And I piddled:

  • Killer Klowns from Outer Space (with commentary, 5 making-of featurettes, and bloopers!)

  • Last House on the Left (commentary and a bunch of behind-the-scenes)

  • Day of the Dead (2 disc set, widescreen, 2 commentary tracks, a buttload of extras)

  • Futurama volume 1 (buttloads of extras)

  • Spawn (four disc set of the animated series plus DVD-Rom)

  • Ancient Evil (Well, it has Auriana Albright in it, and it was six bucks)

And then on the way out the door, I came across an open-box special. A 20" flat-screen TV that had been dropped and had a cracked case. Everything else working fine. Serendipity struck, as our old kitchen TV has been dying for a long time, and Babs and I had just talked about getting a new one last night.
So, I got it home. Remote, but no manual. No big deal. And it has not only S-video, but component input as well.
A hundred bucks. I couldn't pass it up.

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