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points and quiz

Well, I wqas supposed to go to K's tonight to give her a massage, but when I called to verify, she needed to postpone. So the rest of my evening suddenly became free.
I have a lot of stuff to do, so it's not a bad thing, but I am kinda disappointed that I won't be getting to spend time with K.

Had a job interview today on the phone. Place in Des Moines, so I'd have to live there for six months. It's also at a company that I've been warned away from by another engineer that worked there. I think the point will be moot, as they probably won't offer real money.

1. What's the most daring thing you've ever done?
In a physical sense, probably running along a train trestle while the train whizzed by. It's a major rush.
In an emotional/financial risk sense, probably trying a video production business. It failed.

2. What one thing would you like to try that your mother/friend/significant other would never approve of? There are lots of things I'd like to try. Skydiving.

3. On a scale of 1-10, what's your risk factor? (1=never take risks, 10=it's a lifestyle)
I'm pretty low risk these days. Give it a 3.

4. What's the best thing that's ever happened to you as a result of being bold/risky?
Hmm... got laid?

5. ... and what's the worst?
Got married.

I eat your sleep.

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