Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam


Multiple thingulage.

This morning I woke up early (or early for me anyway), and headed over to Midway to meet my friend Brian for lunch. Perkins over on Snelling & University. It was nice: Brian is a pretty righteously cool dude, though he looks like my Mom's idea of a criminal (tattoos, piercings, dreads, and leather). We talked about making movies, health, the nature of reality-- and it bumped up on 2:00 way too fast. Hopped in the Explorer and did a quick drive-by home to call Teresa and let her know I was running late and to let the pooch out to pee.
Made it to Teresa's quite late. Traffic was grotesque for the middle of the afternoon. 35W from my house down to 62 was almost at a standstill, and I pulled off to take the backroads down to the crosstown, but I managed to take the wrong turn and got bumped off the beaten path. I finally ended up on 62 headed the wrong way, and finally managed to get turned around at Portland, only to run into yet another traffic jam-- top speed of 15 MPH from Lyndale to France, and finally breaking 30 MPH at 100. I got there a little over an hour late.
At Teresa's, I got to watch the Scorpion King on their new WIDESCREEN SONY HDTV. It has all these nifty features like built-in line doubling, and holy crap, it makes a difference.
And I was pleased to find out that the Scorpion King is a fun movie.
I ended up staying for dinner, and then I ended up staying to swap massages with Teresa, which was exactly what I needed.
At about 9:00, I carpeted over to a different Brian's for BHMF (Bad Horror Movie Friday) just in time for Beyond Reanimator. I have the movie, and it's a lot of fun, and it was great seeing other people's reaction to the DVD version. It was good. And as a bonus, I got to see Paul, who is back in one piece from Afghanistan. Bad news is it looks like he'll have to go back for another stint in about 90 days, which SUCKS.
Finally got home around 1:00.

Sorry about yer party windelina, but I was already booked by the time Babs told me about it. You know I love you, and I do have a prezzy for you and your cuddly hubby.

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