Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Massage and other manipulativity

I really like massages.

Understand, I like giving massages as well as getting them. Giving a massage to someone is a really incredible way to find out more things about them. I've been giving massages for long enough that subtle changes in muscle structure can really clue me in on how people are doing, and if I'm with someone who has a level of rapport and trust, it can really lead into interesting conversations. Things like the general position and direction of muscle knots in the body can help identify what the cause is. For instance, headaches and neck tension of one kind usually point toward work-related stress. A slightly different kind points to computer monitor/desk height maladjustments. Knots in the lower back and buttocks usually relate to relationship stress.
There is also an opening of an empathic channel that is really amazing with the right person.
I've been doing massage for over 20 years. I never bothered to go the licensing route because I never had he urge to go into business. It's something I enjoy doing as a hobby for friends, and doing it as a job would I think detract from that.
But I have an interesting opportunity to make a video on Techniques of Massage. It would cover things like preparation and exercises, basic technique, and some advanced techniques.
This is something I would be doing for sale. Hopefully it would make enough money to help fund a feature film, but I need to find a much better promotion/distribution path than what I currently have, which is pretty much nada.

Plus there are commercials to shoot. And a short film.

Looks like it's gonna be a busy year.

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