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I am a whore.

On Thursday, I sent an e-mail to the recruiter about the job down in Des Moines, essentially saying "thanks but no thanks". Friday I was away, but this morning I sat down to a message from the recruiter that they really, really want me. And they offered more money. A lot more money. More than I've ever made before. Enough more that the difference alone will pay for staying in a decent hotel. With a hot tub. And high-speed internet access.

I talked to Barb today about it. It would mean spending a chunk of time away from home, and it would mean that a lot of the projects that I have planned for this year are going to fall by the wayside.

But the money... it's damn good. It's enough that I can actually save something substantial. It's enough that with some careful management, I could take the rest of the year off. It's enough that we could make serious inroads into financing a film.

But it's Des Moines.

Okay, really, Des Moines is a pretty decent place. It's a helluva lot better than Owatonna. Hey it has several strip clubs. :)

And Most of the time I would be working or soaking in the hot tub, at least that was my experience from O-town. And I can use the downtime to write. So it's not a horrible thing. The bad part is the being away from home for six months. It's a four-hour drive (maybe less) away, almost all freeway, so going home on the weekends is ultimately doable. And if I do decide to stay, there are definitely things to do.

Does it sound like I'm trying to talk myself into it?

There are a couple of projects that do require my attention back here. Installing the dishwasher is pretty flexible, but the porch roof tear-off and rebuild is more than a weekend job, and I really hate the idea of leaving everything exposed during the time I'm gone. And then there's installing the boiler, which can definitely be put off until summer/fall.

The clincher: There may be the opportunity to do some of the work from home. At the same rate.

In other news, I have now joined the ranks of the laptop computing crowd. A friend's business was updating all of their laptops, and I got one of the "old" ones: a Dell Latitude C610-- 1GHz PIII, 512k RAM, and it still has just under a year left on the warranty.

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