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I am so very charming.

First things first-- I kicked ass at the interview today. It was nice and low-key, and I was on top of my game. I'm pretty sure I'm at the top of their call list, which is a nice place to be. Unfortunately, there is no job quite yet. There probably will be, but whether it's a couple weeks or a couple months away is unknown.

So, keeping the options open. Things do genuinely look good, and places are starting to shake up a bit and send out feelers for jobs. I think there is still a lot of caution, but the pshchological effect of a new year is positive.

I stopped by and talked with an old boss for a few minutes today. His business is pared down to himself and one other guy, and he's hanging on by a shoestring, but he is still there. We told horror stories and shared our hopeful outlook, and it was kinda nice.

The bad part was that I missed the first half hour of Judge Judy.

C'est la Vie.
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