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Ah! I love drinking those!

Car is in the shop today getting the front brakes done. There is also the sound of a bearing going out, but it's only when the engine is cold, so I suspect the water pump. They are keeping it overnight and going to see if they can find it in the morning.

Got another phone call today for an interview. Lockheed. I told them that I had taken the job in Des Moines, and he wanted to know if I'd stay if they offered more money.


I said no. Since I had already accepted, I wanted to keep the illusion of some sort of integrity. Not entirely sure why, as it doesn't seem to be anything that anyone else cares about.

I've also been trying to stay away from weapons systems. It's a personal choice: I don't want to work on something that when I succeed, people die. This particular recruiter was trying to talk me into working on the Joint Strike Fighter project, where I would be working on weapons guidance systems-- he was trying to rationalize it that by making a more accurate weapon, I would be helping to kill fewer people.

He did see the difference, but he just wanted to fill the position. And I have one of those skillsets that the MIL-COTS folks love, with a high DSP/Math background and major spatial/visual skills.


Kerry as the democratic candidate is no surprise. The Skull-and-Bones tie-in is just too coincidental. I love conspiracy theories as much as the next guy, but this one deals with a whole lot of very powerful people. Essentially it doesn't matter who gets elected next-- the secret agenda will be fulfilled.

We are screwed.

Next terror attack on US soil will elevate the terror alert status to RED, and then martial law will be instilled and the constitution will be suspended completely instead of simply being eroded.

Welcome to Empire.

We all want to think of ourselves as strong. We all like to believe that in the face of adversity that we would stand up and be heroes. I know that I am basically a coward. I am more concerned with being able to live my life free of imprisonment and torture than I am with preserving civil rights. I will speak out when it is safe, but in a police state I will likely be quiet and conform.

And I am not happy with that realization.

Time to ponder.

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