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Shooting a movie, day 2

The original plan for today was another day of shooting at the Polar Bear exhibit, which was apparently thwarted by a day off of school and parents bringing loads of subhumans to visit the zoo. So we instead went up the river to get some really cool footage at a frozen waterfall just north of Stillwater. It involved a little bit of hiking along the river, which isn't really meant for hiking, particularly in the winter.

The other little tidbit of information is that the river has a number of active underground streams that feed it. Which result in patches of open water, sometimes thinly disguised with a very thin layer of ice. Hearing the words "Hey, there's open water over here", followed by an actress suddenly becoming about three feet shorter, followed quickly by the actor dropping in water up to his thighs was the first real clue. The director lunged forward, stopping only when the headphone cable nearly yanked the camera from her shoulder, which managed to distress the headphone connection to the point of no longer working.

We managed to get ashore without any further incidents, and the actors were real troopers who decided to finish shooting. It was a short day, I only fell a couple of times, and nobody was seriously injured.

Came home and Babs was working on the computer. I napped for a solid 3 hours, and woke up stiff and sore.

All in all, a good day. :)

Again confirming that there really isn't anything I'd rather be doing than making movies.

Decadent moment: watched the final episode of "Joe Millionaire". Funny enough, I had nailed exactly what was going to happen, including the amount of money, after the first episode. I still liked it. I'm not a huge romantic, but it had such a Beauty and the Beast riff that I just couldn't help it.

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