Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Having wild fun trying to set up a network printer. With the new computers I had to get a network switch so that everyone could access the network. I currently have six macines that are network capable, with four of them active (including the printer).
The printer has a built-in ethernet port. It is configured with a static IP address. I can ping the printer.
When I try and install the drivers, they don't recognize a printer on the network.


Wow, that was painful. First, the installation disk that came with the printer had a broken link for inatalling the network drivers. This is apparently undocumented anywhere, and the appropriate network drivers are not available on the website.
What I finally ended up doing is browsing the install disk and trying stuff. Trial and error finally discovered that on a completely different (Windows 2000) machine, I was able to install the network drivers and print successfully. The same procedure worked on the laptop. However on the main machine, it failed.
Virus killing ensued. This really bugs me, because I am extremely careful about not running any e-mail attachments and handling websites carefully, yet I still managed to have TWO trojans.
Still not working. More investigation leads to a small notice on the website: if you are attempting to install the drivers in Windows XP, don't use the install disk program, because it overwrites some of the service pack files. If you've already done this, re-install the service pack.
So, re-install SP1a. Then repeat the process that worked for the other two machines, and W00T! I now have a working network printer.
Only 3 hours lost.

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