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Day in hell #3

Where I ask the question:
If you have to fake out your requirement management software in order to get it to work for you, why are you using it in the first place?

And I get a lot of blank stares.

"I.T., Hello?"
"Hi, this is Rob the new guy."
"Yeah, Rob, what can I do for you?"
"I need to get access to the [intranet file server] in Moline. It's asking for a password and the one I have doesn't work."
"Oh. You'll have to call the help desk and ask them for an RFCT account."
"Great, what's the number?"
"Long distance?"
"Yeah. Help desk is corporate."
"I.T., Hello?"
"Yeah, it's Rob again. My phone won't let me dial long distance. It says I'm not authorized."
"Sorry. You'll have to call the help desk to get authorization."


"Sorry. I'll call them tomorrow."

Notes about Des Moines:

  • Des moines is not an exotic location.

  • It's been raining since I got here.

  • I have a field trip to a farm tomorrow.

  • There is a faint smell permeating the atmosphere that I've been trying to place-- it's the smell of an old tent.

  • Pork is very important here. Like militant pro-pork activists.

  • Lots of right-wing Christian conservatives here. Interesting dinner table discussions.

  • Morning talk shows here suck. Todays topic of conversation was the Quizno's spongemonkeys ad by Rick Veitch.

  • There are no lakes. Intellectually I know this, but it still seems surprising.

  • There are no tall trees anywhere.

  • 77 cable channels. None of them carry Enterprise.

And finally I want to thank you all for helping to keep me sane. It is really nice to see all those smiling words and keep in touch with friends.

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