Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Day in hell #4

Well, the truck is packed up with as much as I can spare. My field trip was postponed until tomorrow, so I go out to the muddy muddy farm.

Today I rocked. It's becoming obvious to me that I know more about software development than a good chunk of the people, and I'm beginning to develop an attitude. Not quite cocky, but fearless. I suppose that it's partly because I don't really care if I get fired.

The capper: Today I was talking with the product manager (who I discovered has been there for only six weeks), and he let me know that the SRD which I have been complaining about so much was signed off as complete by the entire management staff in May of '03. Including the CEO and the director of engineering.

At this point, I was incredulous. It just doesn't bode well that the DoE was either incompetent enough or afraid enough to sign off on this garbage. It means that they want a miracle worker.

So I argued. I won. I get to rewrite the requirements that were signed off, which means that the test plan will have to be rewritten. The best part? The PV&V manager is on my side. He wants them rewritten as well, because he has said the exact same thing. His boss is probably gonna be pissed, but that is probably not gonna be an issue.

If I was younger, I might actually enjoy this.

Ah, it's late, and I have to sleep. Home this weekend!

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