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A nice thing-- ez2beve and Bryan (windelina's twin brudda) drove through Des Moines on their way back home, timed to perfectly coincide with my getting off of work. We went to a nice dinner at Bennigan's, I heard a whole lot of Windy-growing-up stories (hee!), and they decided to stay the night. Evidently there was a whole lot of carousing last night and the remaining three-hour drive would be just too much. Hey, I'm certainly happy.
And a few minutes before 10, I decided to make a last-minute douse in the hot tub. I figured that they probably wouldn't harass me too much as it seems nobody else uses the hot tub or the pool, so I hung out for a little over a half-hour, just to come back to the hotel room and realize I had read the clock wrong and it was only 9:30. And since I've been real good about my 10:00 bedtime, it was marvelous.
I even got some writing done over lunch today. If it wasn't for this damn work thing, I could be really productive.
I suppose it's too much to think that working in an enviroment that sucks the sould from your body isn't going to rub off on me. I've already become less tolerant of bullshit than I was just a week ago. I can hardly wait to see what happens in six months. If I make it that far. I've been thinking of starting a pool to see exactly how long I do make it.
It's not like I have to be here. It's entirely about the money. And the work isn't a challenge in any sense other than my own pride, wanting to show these clowns how it should be done.
The problem is that I do demand a certain amount of respect, and I'm not getting it. It's not just me, it's systemic; many others are feeling the same way. And if it gets bad enough, I can leave where many of them can't. Several people that I have run into actually moved to Des Moines for their job here.
I have to re-do the pee-in-a-cup test. Time to take a buttload of ibuprofen, decongestants and poppy seeds so they end up having to run the really expensive GC/MS test. Have I mentioned my extreme distaste for employment drug screening? I have a disease that not only affects my urine content, I'm taking enough medication that when I piss it smells like a pharmacy. Of course it's going to show a bunch of crap in my urine sample, and my pH is way out of whack.
Then again, I don't want to get fired for a drug screen. I want them to fire me because I didn't have my shirt tucked in, or because I came back from lunch at 1:03, or because I wore white socks. Something that I can frame.
And if I actually make the six months, I want to get a T-shirt that says:

I survived six months at John Deere, and all I got was this lousy T-shirt. Which I couldn't wear there or I'd get fired.


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