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A moment of seriousness

Many of you know that I am very into massage. I enjoy giving as well as geting massages, and I think they are a great way to be intimate without becoming sexual.
But there is something of a controversy over breast massage.

Think I'm kidding?

Or better yet, do a google search.

One in eight women will have a run-in with breast cancer in their lifetimes. One in thirty will die from it. A simple massage technique can help prevent breast cancer, and it takes a few minutes. It can become a quick part of your self-exam.

Some massagists are offering breast massage as a part of their repertoire. I have done it, though it's not something that everybody is comfortable with. I have taken to mentioning it to the women that I massage, as well as a couple of the men (men can get breast cancer too, though it is more rare).

I bring it up because I know 30 women. I know 30 women that I like. And I know eight women that I love. I don't want to see any of them get sick or die.

It's not always a comfortable thing to talk about.

And it's not some pervy way for me to feel you up if I am giving you a massage. Trust me, if I'm touching your breasts at all, it's because you know me very well and trust me to be touching them.

Learn the technique. And please use it.

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