Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

How you gonna keep 'em down on the farm?

So I went out to the test farm today to get some first-hand experience with the guidance system. Honestly, it was pretty cool. First of all, it ain't your grandpappy's tractor. These brutes are cushy on the inside-- the operator's seat has some dandy power features like motion damping, because as you drive through a field it's not like driving on a road. It's more like riding on a camel. Like a really big camel that weighs several tons. You get tossed around a lot.
The guidance system is pretty cool. I didn't know until today that the Company has their own sattelite signals that they use for enhanced guidance. With some enhancements, the accuracy can get down to 2cm (less than an inch).
Hooking up implements is pretty amazing, too. It's not like hooking up a boat trailer to a truck; the implement weighs several tons, and you can't just pick it up and move it, you have to back the tractor up to it exactly. Then there are the hydraulic hoses and electrical connections and all the other stuff that gets hooked up-- it's quite a process.
A tractor has no gas pedal. It has something like cruise control, with a couple of hand actuators that you use to set the speed. Which means if your tractor operator falls asleep, the tractor will keep going...

So what I'm doing is basically adding autopilot. A really advanced autopilot. And the only reason that it isn't a completely robotic tractor is that there are industry standards that require an operator to perform certain maneuvers.
And I got to see some top-secret R&D projects that are pretty cool. There is truly high-tech in farming.
Of course the daily drudge work is still drudgey, and I do have to get back to it.

Dreams last night. Lots of nudity, sensual touching, a woman who did massages out of her home who messed up the clutch on my truck, her angry fiancee, and a haunted house that dressed up toy poodles as zombie dogs. Is there any wonder I was tired this morning?

Wireless network problems at the hotel.

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