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Full of sound and fury

Okay. You know that your reqirements for this project are incomplete and badly defined. I have told you this. You have told me the same thing.
You have given me the go-ahead to establish the actual reqirements.
You have also tasked me with additional responsibilities. When you asked me how long it would take to complete requirements, I told you it would take two weeks.
You now have me starting design tasks next week.
You have me starting design tasks based on an architecture which is incomplete and flawed because it is based directly on the flawed requirements document. I tell you this. You tell me that I will start anyway.
Apparently this is in response to a management edict that development will start next week.

Understand that the work on requirements still needs to be done. It will take up time in the design phase.

Also, when I am compiling a list of questions and providing them to the project lead, the system designer, the Program manager, and the person who worked on the previous system, it is not just to annoy you. It is because I need answers to these questions in order to continue.

I am beginning to suspect that the responsibility of this project not being completed on time is going to be placed at my feet, because I am the lead developer, and the development is going to take longer than is currently allocated. And because as a contractor, I am expendable.


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Mar. 16th, 2004 05:30 pm (UTC)
You are correct, Sir!
I suspect you are right. It's easier to displace responsibility for something no one wants to do on someone seen as an "outsider." Then they can (try to)blame you when things don't go as they want them to.
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