Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

On writing

Well, I'm still in the running for LJ-Idol. Kind of hard to believe, really: I started on a lark. And it's been touch-and-go a couple of times, trying to write something and get it in before the deadline. We're talking get words down, spell-check (important, you know), maybe make an edit pass, and get it submitted.

It's forcing me to write something every week. This is good for me, as I need to write in order to get better at writing. I need to practice things I haven't tried before, take on themes I haven't done before, and in general, go into uncomfortable places.

I spent a good chunk of 2011 with my brain away from the keyboard. It was a rough year in a lot of ways, though there were some really nice bright spots in there as well. This year so far has been rather full of good things in my pick-a-nik basket, and I'm kind of cautiously optimistic.

As far as LJ-Idol goes, it's still primarily a motivational tool for me. I've been getting feedback from a lot of different people, and it's been overwhelmingly positive. Considering it's something that I do quickly and on a whim, it's been pretty unexpected and happy.

There are a whole lot of people writing. I didn't really realize how many until I saw last week's list. I think I placed somewhere in the middle of the pack, maybe a bit below the centerline, I'd have to go back and check.

I don't know about how the voting happens. I think it changes from week to week whether it's open to the public or just contestants or people with their last names starting with the number '3'. And I'm not pimping for votes: if you feel like voting, read the entries and vote for the ones that you like the best.

If you do happen to vote for me, I won't bitch, but seriously, read around some. There are some really good writers there.

My plan is to continue regular writing as long as I'm in the running. When I finally do get cut, I'll have to find some other source of motivation, but for now it's a kinda fun ride.

Thanks for indulging my vanity. :)
Tags: lj-idol, writing

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