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It's not just a job, it's an adventure

When I first started this job, day one we were given an orientation where many of the rules and policies were spelled out for us. Among the more totalitarian of the rules is the dress code, which is corporately known as "Smart Dress". Included here in its entirety:

Smart Dress Policy
The smart dress policy expands the current business dress guidelines to include smart business casual attire.
It is expected that employees will be sensitive to the great tradition
of the dignity and good taste of John Deere.
Smart dress provides employees with added flexibility in planning their work attire based on their day-to-day requirements of their work and general style preferences.
Employees are expected to use their best and mature judgement as to smart dress that is appropriate at John Deere.

EXAMPLES of clothing that are appropriate to wear in the office:

  • Dresses, Skirts

  • Ethnic Dress reflective of racial and/or cultural heritage

  • Suits

  • Jackets

  • Slacks

  • Blouses

  • Shirts with sleeves

  • Sleeveless tops that cover shoulders

  • Knee-length dress shorts

  • Sweaters

  • Dress shoes, dress sandals with nylons

  • Turtlenecks


  • Suits, Jackets

  • Ethnic Dress reflective of racial and/or cultural heritage

  • Dress shirts with or without tie (tucked into trousers)

  • Non-denim trousers

  • Polo shirts (with or without John Deere logo, tucked into trousers)

  • Banded collar shirts (tucked into trousers)

  • Turtlenecks (tucked into trousers)

  • Sweaters

  • Loafers/laced shoes with socks

EXAMPLES of clothing that are inappropriate to wear in the office:

  • Clothing that is faded, frayed or torn

  • Sweatpants, jogging and athletic pants

  • Tank tops, midriff tops, crop tops

  • Mid-length or short shorts

  • Tennis shoes, running shoes

  • Capri pants (mid-calf), pedal pushers, Lycra pants or leggings

  • Halter style, strapless or shoulder less dresses/shirts

  • Excessively short skirts or dresses

  • Flip flops, casual sandals

  • Shoes without nylons or socks

  • Athletic socks

  • Caps and hats


  • Clothing that is faded, frayed or torn

  • Sweatpants, jogging and athletic pants

  • Five pocket pants/jeans of any color

  • Muscle shirts, tank tops, untucked shirts of any type

  • Shorts of any type

  • Tennis shoes, running shoes

  • Shirts with slogans or logos (except John Deere)

  • Knit shirts without collars

  • Flip flops, casual sandals

  • Shoes without socks

  • Athletic socks

  • Caps and hats

  • Five pocket pants/jeans of any color

Last Modified: 25.04.2003

Okay. Somebody really hates untucked shirts. Now I always wear my shirts untucked. It's not a style thing, it's a practical thing. Shirts on me do not stay tucked in.
So on day two, I went to the HR person that gave us the talk. I mentioned that I can't wear tucked in shirts, and she said that it would not be a problem.

Yesterday I overheard a brief conversation that my boss was having with one of the management weasels. All I heard was the weasel telling my boss that he needed to have a "heart-to-heart" talk with one of his employees. One of those uncomfortable somebody-is-in-trouble moments.

Well, today my boss pulled me into his cube for "the talk". Apparently there have been complaints about my untucked-ness.

He gave me the spiel, then he asked if I had a response. As gently as possible, I told him about the special dispensation that I had already received from HR. So he is now referring it back to HR for "clarification".

I'm willing to bet this will escalate.

This could be fun. I can't lose. The worst thing they could do to me is fire me, and I get to go home.

And I have a very long strategy chain that could keep them tied up for a very long time. Up to and including harassment charges. Wait until you see a scan of the safety literature they handed out at a meeting.

And I bill by the hour.

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