Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

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...every day between here and there. ...was kidnapped by Gypsies and forced to cut my hair. I took about two inches ...- I know a bit of minutae and I am lonely with no one to geek out about this with. If ...sleep and a warm, long dose of plaster removal. I came home to find a note on my computer from my ...your fishy beat michaellee ? I'm not that happy with many of the pictures I took at Gallifrey One -- I'm ...defense. "*** Urgent message from the Zundelsite! ***" posted Ingrid Rimland on her revisionist mailing list -- repeating the "urgent" line ..."Roman" or "Hooked" noses. These noses usually look long from the front with some extra width at the nose bridge. From ... ...I have a feeling that'll easily be the best news of the day. Haven't seen it in over a decade, but ...Hehe. It`s gonna be fun. And she`s is now in a relationship. I can`t belive it. Hehehe. It`s just great. Sorry the distant past, or I would be really sad. Also, did I mention that I am having a really bad ...
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