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Bit of wry humor in a rather dark sense today.
While I was having a confab with the director of QA/test, somebody informed him that the time estimates they had submitted for the project had been changed-- made shorter by several weeks. He turned a lovely shade of purple.
On my own front, I ended up having to do a high-speed analysis of some new requirements today to get briefing notes for a meeting tomorrow. The kind of analysis that would normally take a few days, I did in about 7 hours, and I am freaking brain dead. The remaining two hours I did preliminary architecture work on a software module, which has to be done by Monday.
There is a power struggle going on at the management level. Unfortunately the project manager is playing his own games, and he is withholding information that I could really use.
For instance, there is this feature called "advance notification". It consists of four parts, each of which are rather monumental. When I was trying to do an analysis of one of the parts (collision detection) and I started to realize just how freaking complex it was (how do you detect an imminent collision with an arbitrary object?), I went to him and let him know that there was no way that we could do this for the release. He then told me that that part wasn't included in what marketing had asked for.

See me fume.

So then I asked about headland boundaries. This tiny, simple thing. Except not so simple, because the detection of the boundary may have the ability to trigger other events. He seemed to not know this, and told me to include it all.
Except that it's not in the requirements. I have to dig through all the prior documentation and find obscure sideways mentions of this stuff.

And I've been adding a lot of stuff to the core requirements document. This is majorly screwed up because of the way that they are using the requirements management software (CaliberRM), and essentially it means that anyone that has access to the file has full read-write access. I've been adding stuff because we need it, and about 80% has been adding things that were never included to begin with, but are required features at the system level.

Today I found out that there is one guy who has the responsibility for maintaining the SRD in Caliber. And in order for changes to be made, there is a process that is supposed to be followed, with change requests that must be approved by a committee. Today I e-mailed him and let him know about all of the changes that have been made. I figure I should hear from him tomorrow as to whether all of the stuff that has been added will be taken into consideration in the design. I suspect he may be upset.
Bear in mind that I was told to make the changes in the Caliber document.

There is supposed to be a review of the document later this week. I may not be invited.

I'm bloody exhausted. It's only Tuesday.

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