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Accomplishment, says I.

Barb got me a dishwasher for Christmas. There's a really long story behind it, but it was a pretty major deal for her to accept the idea of a dishwasher in the house.

Of course, our house was never designed for a dishwasher. So the installation of it became something of an issue. And it's been sitting in the Hall of Doors since then acting as yet another horizontal surface.

This weekend, Barb went up to her mother's house for Easter. She wanted me to go with, and was upset when I reminded her that I would not only have to leave early, I'd essentially be on the road for 18 hours for a one-day visit. The reality is that I had other plans...

Friday I spent a few hours at Menard's getting plumbing and electrical supplies. Choice of Menard's over Home Depot is purely financial-- Menard's averages about 20% cheaper for this kind of thing.
Then home to start installing.

Well, actually to clean the kitchen first. Now I don't know if you've ever seen our kitchen, but it was ugly. Since I've been gone, Barb hasn't cleaned or taken out the trash, or done dishes. And it was pretty bad before I left. I managed to fill seven 39-gallon contractor trash bags with the detritus, and I won't even describe some of the things that I found.

After that, I managed to route som flex conduit up from the basement and to the wall behind where the dishwasher would go, install a new GFCI and switch, and clear the way for the new plumbing. A littler over 12 hours, and the realization that I hadn't eaten, so a quick run to the Wendy's drive-thru and home to bed.

This morning I was awakened by a speckled hopping windelina on the phone, asking some questions and inviting me to lunch. I had to turn it down because I needed to get this thing done.
The plumbing-- dear lord. I had to install a new water line and a new drain line in the kitchen sink cabinet because the freaking idiot who had done it before was clueless. This also meant that I had to chop out a huge chunk of the drain vent in the basement and reroute it. So I managed to spend all day today (with the exception of three trips to the hardware store) doing plumbing, including sweat-soldering copper joints while laying on my back underneath the sink.
And joy of joys, a few minutes before midnight, I had the dishwasher in place and hooked up, and everythig works perfectly. No leaks, no electrical problems, and only a couple of hours of clean-up, so I logged about 13 hours today. Would have been more, but I broke for dinner at around 8 and went to Saigon Uptown.

I feel like I've been hit by a truck, and I probably won't be able to move tomorrow, but by gum there will be clean dishes.

I also got Barb a dozen roses and an easter lily. She wont be home until tomorrow night, so this is all a surprise.

It feels really good to have this finally done. Now I must go sleep.

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