Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

A-hunting we will go

So I started the great apartment hunt.

Now I do like the hotel. It has many amenities that I appreciate, among them free high-speed internet, and exercise room and a hot tub. But when you figure in that with just the regular room, staying 5 days a week runs somewhere around $1200/month or more, an apartment makes a lot of sense.


There is also an amount of resignation that comes with getting an apartment that ties in with the relationship being truly over. It kind of tinges the whole experience.

Nevertheless, I did some searching on-line, and I found several candidates. I have limited my searching to one and two bedroom apartments: a studio might work, but I like the hominess of having a separate bedroom. And quite often, 2BR apartments are not that much more down here.

I'm seeing one tonight. It's a little spendier than what I was looking for, but it has an attached clubhouse with a pool and jacuzzi, exercise room, washer and dryer (in the apartment), and a garage.

I have a couple of other places that I want to look at; one has a fireplace (for those romantic winter evenings... like I'm gonna have any romantic winter evenings), another one is closer to work, has free cable, and is cheaper (like $650 vs. $800). If I can get high-speed internet through the cable, this one might be the winner.

The only thing-- I don't want to lose the exercise bike. I may have to buy one. And then there's furniture. I don't need much really.

Then I'm thinking about phone service. A lot will depend on whether I can get broadband through cable, or DSL. I may end up getting a cell phone.

Hmph. Me with a cell phone. It's just wrong.

First apartment was a bust. Too expensive for what it was.

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