Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam


I am currently instlling Rational Rose at work.

I've never used Rational Rose before. Mostly because I like to work on embedded systems, and Rose is an enterprise tool (like for huge business model software).

Apparently this is an experiment to see if UML tools and design will provide any benefit to an embedded system design. I think they can, if properly applied, provide a great benefit when the project involves a whopping lot of people.

But you know, if the design had been done properly in the first place, the need for the whopping amount of people wouldn't be there in the first place. This project could easily be cut by 70% without detriment had it been managed properly from the beginning.

Of course then I wouldn't be here. :)

Now Rational Rose is a personal sticking point with me. It is a kind of software that generates code from models, and it isolates you from the actual code that is generated. I hate that. I know how to write code, and I can write better, faster, less bloated code than Rose. And on an embedded system where speed and resources are an issue, that is important.


Nevrtheless, I am installing the tools that are required, and setting my tab settings according to the desires of management (who fought for three months over whether it should be three spaces, four spaces, or actual tabs) in the source code.

On another note, due to the apartment hunting, I didn't ride the bike last night. I suppose missing a night won't kill me, but I feel guilty. And I have two more to look at tonight.

And I broke down and bought a Logitech Z-680 surround sound system. It's mostly meant for computer gaming, but the sound quality is pretty darn good, and I can feed the output of the DVD player into it and get true 5.1 surround while watching movies. It's freakin' enchanting is what it is. And I can hook up the laptop to it and switch between them from the control unit. All in all, I'm impressed.

20 minutes on the bike tonight. More apartment hunting. And a drooly-time at Best Buy when I saw the HDTV of my dreams.

I also found a place in Des Moines quite by accident that carries the Scwinn AirDyne and AirDyne Comp. In stock. And on sale. It is a sign.


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Yah. It's going through a breakup that heightens my tendencies. Fuck.

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