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This is my first weekend since February that I haven't driven back to Minneapolis.
The past several days I've been dealing with a sinus infection aggrivated by pollen, and now it's starting to move into my chest. So tonight was a low-key ride on the bike (26 minutes for 250 cal), followed by a watcking of Kill Bill on DVD.

Okay. First, I have had the DVD for about a month and haven't had the right place/time/setting to watch it. Tonight, I finally had the surround sound system set up, and the DVD player feeding a 480P progressive scan 16:9 monitor.
For anyone who doubts it, I will say that it absolutely does make the movie watching experience more enjoyable. The picture is freaking incredible, and the movie is way pretty. It is like the difference going from VHS to DVD.

Second, what a pretty damn movie.

No, I haven't seen volume 2 yet.

I feel weird having a weekend of sorts. Most of the stuff is put away and cleaned up. I have the bathroom yet to do, but that will be quick. And I need to go grocery shopping and pick up a few more necessary items.
But it's liveable. It's not decorated, but it's liveable.
And now it's home.

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