Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

Work today... gah.

Tis component I am working on... it exists only to play sounds. Or more precisely, when conditions are right, it sends a message to another component that plays sounds.

Well, due to some other folks getting together, they decided that that component doesn't really need to exist. The functionality of that component can be spread out amongst the individual components.

Except they forgot about sound.

Today they decided that they are NOT going to provide support for playing sound files, only simple beeps. This is a month after we had already determined that the simple beeps were completely inadequate to play the sounds that need to be played.

And I am coding. I am supposed to be done with this component by wednesday.

I spent most of the afternoon e-mailing those people who are dealing with the level at which the sound system exists. So far I have agreement that there needs to be a component that handles sound. I also have agreement that it is someone else's responsibility and nobody has time for it.

So I am pushing very hard for somebody in a responsible place to make a decision.

But everyone is distracted because tomorrow there is a visit by one of the highest executives in the company. We are all required to clean our workspaces, or face reprimands and follow-up inspections from the HR director.

Yes, indeedy, we have our priorities straight.

In other news, I spent a couple hours tonight answering questions that Barb asked of me. She doesn't understand why I decided to break things off with her, and doesn't understand why I didn't give her more time to work through her stuff. She feels like my decision was too abrupt.


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