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May. 22nd, 2004

Tough time waking up this morning.

First off, I went to bed last night at about 9. I was sleepy, and figured I'd nap for a couple of hours, then get up to watch some movies.

Woke upoofed around for a couple of hours, then back to bed. And awake at 11:00, where it took me the remainig half hour to actually get out of bed.

I have no big plans for the day. I may get outside and visit the nearby park, as it actually looks like a nice day. Then again, I'm quite stiff from the last week and watching movies sounds like a wonderful way to spend a relaxing day.

I've become knackered with home-improvement shows again. I'm particularly intrigued about the faux finishes with paint and glaze, and I've been drawing up plans for the house.

Next weekend is a long weekend, and I'll be heading home for yet another big project. I may need help with lifting heavy wood, so if anyone is feeling free and muscle-y, you're welcome to come over. Particularly if you bring a big ladder.

The following weekend (June 5th & 6th), I will probably need some help with walking dogs, because we'll have two, and I'll be the only one home. So again, for anyone who feels dog-happy, sometime in the afternoon of June 5th, coming over for dog-walking would be appreciated.


May. 23rd, 2004 10:59 am (UTC)
Memorial Day weekend is completely booked up for me, but I've got a ladder you could borrow. And I'd be up for dog walking.

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