Tom Ramcigam (magicmarmot) wrote,
Tom Ramcigam

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Mood swings

Freakish mood swings today, for no apparent reason. Perhaps triggered by a towel incident. Really, I'm not that lame.

Took the dog for a walk. Too damn cold. Dog was a pain in the butt, probably because she was so excited to get OUTSIDE!

Barb mentioned to me that I should not slip and fall on the ice. I asked her if I really came across as that clumsy. Her response was basically yes.

This disturbs me. I don't really think of myself as clumsy, but apparently others do. Maybe I really am clumsy, but I just don't notice it because I'm so used to it. Maybe I'm an oaf.

La la la la, I'm an oaf. See me dance and sing and fall down a lot. Boom!
Ha ha ha ha ha!

Okay, now I'm just being pissy.

But you know, so fucking what? I'm really fucking tired of feeling like shit and having people not take me seriously. I'm tired of being nice and trying to compromise and make people feel good. You're on your own.

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